Rebecca Love Launches Campaign to Finance Erotic Horror Film

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Rebecca Love – “Bringing Sexy Back From The Dead”

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“Bringing Sexy Back From The Dead” is considered a b-movie script featuring pornographic performers sent to mind-boggle the fantasies of scatology enthusiasts… This particular film represents the idea of an infamous doctor seeking out to develop a perfect slave strictly for sex. As this is a fantastic idea for a physician, the outcome turns out as a funny venture with nudity.

Rebecca Love as a Director

According to, ‘Company Press’ [September 2016] presented Love’s comments pertaining to this specific venture:

‘I have always fantasized about making my own b-movie ever since I worked with directors like Fred Ray and Jim Wynorski … Now, it’s a bucket list challenge that I have to accomplish just to say, “I finally did it.”‘ Moreover, Rebecca Love managed to pull this script from her 2012 desk drawer and claims the script idea was influenced by her colleagues from her comedy classes by Dob Barnhart.

Cast Members of “Bringing Sexy Back From The Dead”

The chosen cast members are Katie Morgan, Joclyn Stone, Alura Jenson, Brittany Andrews, and [fetish performer] Kid Dynamite. As connoisseurs you can only assume why Love chose these particular pornographic performers:

1. Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews

2. Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan – Glamour_Models_Gone_Bad

3. Joclyn Stone

Joclyn Stone

Joclyn Stone

4. Alura Jenson

Alura Jenson

Alura Jenson

5. Kid Dynamite

Contact Information

Twitter: оформить займ по телефону без отказа

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