Loud Music Review – Mind the Gap’s “The Good Fight”

Posted: November 4, 2011 by Esteban in Loud Music


From award winning producers comes the debut album of LA locals, Mind the Gap, The Good Fight. The indie rock quartet consisting of “A Korean, a Sri Lankan, a Mexican, and a Jew” utilizes multiple instruments and drum machines to create a lighthearted indie rock sound on The Good Fight, in addition to supplying scores to multiple Hollywood
hits like “Fast Five” and most recently “Tower Heist.”
 The first track on the album is “Fall”, an instantly catchy, upbeat tune with unique rhythm guitar, realistic drum programming, and well produced vocals. “Meant To Be” is a solid pop rock jam with powerhouse vocals. “Once You Leave” utilizes bass heavy drum kicks and a catchy chorus you will find yourself dancing to.  Yet another catchy track, “These Are The Days” uses primarily acoustics alongside horn samples in an inspirational anthem, not dissimilar from the rest of the album.


While already kicking off their music career with some renown, playing festivals like Lightning in a Bottle back in May, their debut album lands Mind the Gap in an excellent alignment to tackle whatever the future holds. A little bit folk, a little reggae, some hip-hop beats and a lot of indie rock grooves make for an eclectic album. While not as hard, fast, or edgy as some of the other contemporary music out there, it will be interesting to see where these guys take their sound from here.


Check out my interview with Mind the Gap member Ruwanga Samath earlier this year.

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