Review – NERO’s Welcome Reality

Posted: August 31, 2011 by Esteban in Loud Music

Reality Bites
Dubstep has come under much scrutiny since its inevitable rise from the underg4round and into the mainstream. Now popping up everywhere from coca-cola commercials to Britney-fucking-Spear songs, is there no end to what the bass heavy wobble tunes can accomplish? The UK Dubstep duo who have been steadily climbing the charts (and bills at dance music festivals) just dropped their “debut” album. Despite being a driving force in the drum and bass and dubstep scene around the globe, after years of putting out hit single like, “Innocents”, the guys release their first full length album. The fourteen track record is like a resume for their musical endeavors over the years, yet sounds as fresh as any contemporary album.

After the instrumental intro track, “Doomsday” brings you heavy drum and bass style percussions which rise to a crescendo before breaking down with the utterance, “Doomsday” followed by low frequency dubstep drones. Midway through the song, everything stops only to build up to another epic drop while a voice informs you, “The year is 2808”. Welcome Reality also features previously released hit singles such as the decedent “Me & You” and “Guilt”, of which you’ve probably heard countless remix of performed by other DJs.  “Crush”, is a fantastic, faster disco influenced track which features Alana Watson’s signature gorgeous vocals and a dubstep drop mid-song.

These three have a surprisingly beautiful synergy on Welcome Reality. There entire album comes together in a fresh ebb and flow style of dubstep electronic. For fans of the genre, this is not one to be missed.

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