Rusko’s Residency At Rain in Las Vegas [Live Review + Album Stream]

Posted: August 6, 2012 by Esteban in Events - On the Town, Loud Music
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By Brant Underwood

If you ever get a chance to Shazam a dubstep DJ in a crowded club, pass on that – 3 out of 4 times it doesn’t work. Much like the Vegas crowd, Shazam doesn’t have a clue as to what that fucking noise being basted into its audio receptors represents.


Dressed stylish and comfortable, the energetic DJ played mixes from his hard-hitting debut album, “O.M.G.!,” as well as favorites from “SONGS;” his gutsy, freewheeling second album. As confetti sprayed over the crowd and three-feet fire balls shot from the ceiling, Rusko danced and interacted the crowd even kicking off his shoes and performing most of his set in socks.

For most of the 300-person dance floor that’s exactly what they looked like they were trying to do Saturday night at Rain in the Palms of Las Vegas as Rusko took over the stage. The hard hits of bass and dissonance of the talented English DJ stunned the crowd’s natural physiological (in some cases clearly ecstasy created) impulses into confused standby mode. Only the 50 people crowded to the front of the stage knew to begin shuffling the shit out of the dance floor. Everyone else began to hide behind brightly lit cell phones or went to get overpriced drinks to stave off awkward confusion.


After making laps around the venue it became very clear that most of the people that were there hadn’t come to see DJ Rusko. Instead they were spill over from other venues and were thus more impressed by the fire scorching from the ceiling rather than Rusko’s Kid Sister remix slamming thought the airwaves.


Rusko w/ Sex Panther

So my suggestion for you Rusko fans that want to visit his residency for the remaining Saturday’s at the Palm’s Rain Nightclub in August: put all those club rats behind you and shuffle your ass to the front of the stage where all the real fans are.



Stream Rusko’s latest album, SONGS, bellow:

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