What the fuck is an Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend?

By Esteban


Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend is a community of like-minded tastemakers who refuse to shut the fuck up. We’ve never been great at keeping promises, but we will endeavor to bring you entertaining, hilarious, and insightful news about potential fun to be had, music that ruined your hearing, food to be grubbed on, fashion to be haughty about, hot fucks that may have been mistakes, films that changed your perspective, drugs you don’t remember doing, and all the latest hedonistic trends. More than just a blog. More than just a zine. Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend is committed to obliterating social paradigms. Putting the spotlight on things others would rather leave in the shadows, UVSF is the expression of things we all experience but don’t always talk about with an emphasis on the big name artists you love and the undiscovered, independent talent you’ll be glad we brought to your attention. Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend offers you a wide array of mind melting content focusing on pleasing your senses in the most engaging ways possible. Contained within is ultra vulgar material provided for super fiends including sex, drugs, violence, violent sex, sexy violence, sex on drugs, explicit photography, trippy ass artwork, and music so good you will shit your pants uncontrollably. So kick back, lock the door, light a joint, make a booty call, and enjoy some fucked up literary artwork.

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Disclaimer n’ Shit!

All content on www.ultravulgarsuperfiend.com (UVSF) is of our own design and we will selfishly horde it as such. Content appearing on UVSF does not reflect the ideas of anyone sane or sober and should not be literally interpreted, interpreted as literature, lit on fire, used to get lit, or ingested for any reason. UVSF is known by the State of California to cause birth defects and defections to other countries. Enjoy responsibly.