Sean Bones – Buzzards Boy [Review and Download]

Posted: March 23, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music

Buzzing Joy


With the release of his second album Buzzards Boy, Sean Bones delivers a truly artistic and creative album. From start to finish, Buzzards Boy showcases the original genre-twisting genius of a young talent. Heavy bass-driven reggae is coupled with indie rock to make a powerful musical experience for a variety of listeners.

One thing that few artists in the U.S. have been able to do is create a reggae music atmosphere with originality. 311, Sublime and Pepper are amongst those few original artists and all 3 have unbelievably loyal fan bases. Sean Bones is joining the club with his fresh approach to reggae music and don’t be surprised to see him with his own cult following. Drawing from a wide variety of musical influences, his ability to keep listeners on their toes is unparalleled.


Buzzards Boy begins with the single, “Here Now”, which surprisingly has the least amount of Reggae influence than any other track on the album; it actually has more of a feel like MGMT or Miike Snow, and that seems consistent throughout the album. The use of steel drums and other ethnic instruments are used together with some great electronic effects to create a soothing yet energetic atmosphere.


Sean Bones uses drumbeats that hit hard and powerful yet have certain intricacies about them. Insignificant little sounds fill any empty or bareness and should not be ignored because there is a lot more to the music than what the passive ear hears. The use of electronic beats mixed with natural flowing drum kits sometimes can make it hard to hear all the different aspects that make up the beat. There are some tracks with minimal drums, however, and that just adds to the diversity of the sound of Sean Bones.


The reggae guitar rhythms and bass lines mostly generate the island feel that Buzzards Boy accomplishes. The guitar playing is precise, polished and nothing short of brilliant. Sean Bones uses Reggae guitar rhythms mixed with Rock guitar leads to create the soothing sound that keeps you interested throughout the experience. He often uses dramatic transitions between chorus and verse that really keeps even passive listeners wondering exactly what will happen next.


Buzzards Boy is a great sophomore album from Sean Bones and it brings joy into the listening experience. Hard work NOW creates a more relaxed future, and Sean Bones’ hard work on this album created a more relaxed future for all of his listeners. Give it a listen, and see what all the BUZZ is about.


-Butch Cassidy


Download Sean Bones’ “Here Now” (Expensive Look 180 Remix) HERE, NOW!

  1. Sean’s new album rules. Check out this video we filmed of him performing “Tell Me Again” at SXSW 2012!

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