Top 5 Punks to Watch for 2012

Posted: February 13, 2012 by Ryan Nelsen in Loud Music

1. Hunx and His Punx

Song to Hear: “Gimme Gimme Back Your Love”

Hunx is the manliest man I have ever seen. If you don’t believe me watch the bands videos, if you do not: A, question your sexuality, or B, cringe, than Hunx is not doing his job.  The Punx play poppy punk music, not pop punk. The difference is that poppy punk music isn’t talking about how hard the teenage years are. Hunx is talking about how hard he is.

Featuring the sounds of those tiny keyboards, ohs, and Johnny Ramone’s old guitar, Hunx and the Punx display the classic elements of  sexy rock and roll band, only ten times more androgenous, and ten times more exciting.

If you can’t sing, “You don’t like Rock N Roll” then there is someone singing about you. I you doubt Hunx is the big punk front man watch his performance on youtube of 2011’s SXSW.


2. Nobunny

Must hear song: “Chuck Berry Holiday”

Nobunny is lead singer Justin Champlin, with an ever changing cast of characters to support the no pants party. Hunx and Nobunny gained attention when they toured with the late Jay Reatard, and Champlin co-wrote some of Hunx’s songs.

The stage costume  worn by Nobunny looks like the creature from Donnie Darko when he got done filming and then got drunk.  The mask stays on, but he must be wearing a little girls denim vest that he found buried deeply in the worlds worst Goodwill, and as for the bottoms, anything goes as long as it is tight and small.

My first experience with Nobunny came in a basement in Michigan. I remember it faintly. There was nudity, a lot of beer sweat, and the band kept having to stop because the chilluns got a bit to rowdy and kept knocking the equipment and the bass player over.

I found if play the album, Love Visions, at home things fall over as well, and roomates and neighbors complain about the sounds of heels hitting the ground. Nobody bring the fun and dancing like Nobunny.
Nobunny for playmate of the year.

3. White Mystery

Song to Hear: “Take a Walk”

Brother and sister with the last name White? I thought they were married. Tell them that joke, they have never heard it before.

The two piece White Mystery can make any head bob. The rock n’ roll riffs literally pour out of Alex’s fingers. And her brother rips on a drum kit that looks like its seen several garage sales before it was discarded and he found it.

Classic dirty rock n’ roll, can be good clean fun.

4. The Goddamn Gallows

Must Listen: Yah’ll Motherfuckers Need Jesus

Seriously, listen to the song, ” Yah’ll Motherfucker’s Need Jesus,” it will get caught in your head, you will be stuck repeating it, and some one will hear you. And you will have to tell them about The Goddamn Gallows.

The rockabilly, country and punk feel is defiantly catered to outlaws and wannabe outlaws all the same. The overall sound can be compared to Queens of the Stone Age when they’re mellow and yodeling. But when the devil or booze takes them over they play some hellion back wood country. Raunchy folk songs, banjos, guitar solos, stand up bass, it can only mean one bitching party.


5. The Heavy Metallers to Watch

Bison B.C.

Song to Hear: ALL OF THEM

A band of heavily tattooed rippers from Canada, Bison, take progressive riffs and timings and let it become a literal wall of power fury.

The wrath of the screams and moving drums pushes you back and then after the harassment they just put your ears through they bring the headbanging riff. The massive wails flawlessly move to more riffing that will give the squares headaches. Expect huge things from these men in 2012.

Minute two through three? Oh my gawd, FOUR HORNS UP.



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