Sinful Scavenger Hunt Contest

Posted: September 10, 2011 by Esteban in Contests

We only had several submissions for the Vulgar Graphixxx contest, although we received some great artwork! Still, that means that we have plenty more free swag to giveaway.

The Sinful Scavenger Hunt is another easy one. Remember those Where’s Waldo books where the nerd with no fashion sense nor sense of direction trips on acid and has hallucinations about getting lost in giant hedge mazes and always seems to find his way on a battlefield of some sort? (That’s how I remember it) Well this is in no way related. There are, however, Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend viral posters and fliers spread throughout Downtown LA and Hollywood areas. They are on street corners, in back alleys, covering street signs, and taped over other legitimate advertisements. You can’t miss them, really, and that’s why if you whip out your camera phone and snap a picture of a UVSF viral poster (Don’t fucking touch it!) we will send you FREE SWAG! You can send the image to 909-680-7501, post it on our facebook page, or just email Esteban. (You should have my email by now) It pays to keep your eyes peeled – literally, because this weeks swag includes food gift cards, free cigarettes, smoke shop credits, sex shop gift cards, tattoo shop credits, Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend apparel and CASH PRIZE$ for whoever can find more than one.

Vulgar Graphixxx submission courtesy of Anonymous

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