Sinful Scavenger Hunt II

Posted: October 9, 2011 by Esteban in Contests
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Another series of Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend f viral posters and ads have been unleashed upon Los Angeles, cluttering up your otherwise bland buildings and burning awful images into to back of your brain. With the UVSF swag grab bag filled to the brim with goodies ranging from exotic to practical, all you need to do to claim your free shit is snap a photo of any UVSF poster you encounter laying around town. Email it to us, leave it in a comment, post it on our facebook page, whatever. We will see it, find you, and reward your voyeurism. Good luck, fiends!

HINT - If you're looking for virals in Tijuana, you have gone too far.

  1. Dick Douglas says:

    Thought I saw some in hollywood when I was trying to buy some records. wish i woulda snapped a pic. hopefully the man doesn’t rip down quality ads in an attempt to keep clutter off of walls that advertise cool venues and sites so that they can proudly display the gang graffiti, which is much more useful to society…and contributes so much to the overall wellbeing of its citizens.

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