Strange VIP – No Future EP [Review & Stream]

Posted: January 23, 2013 by Esteban in Loud Music, Preview
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     strange vip no future ep           Trouble and Bass founder, The Captain 666, throws his blood-soaked sailor’s hat in the production ring as Strange VIP, premiering a gothic mix of trap and metal on his debut No Future EP. These first five tracks set the stage for a promising career of death defying audio feats performed by one of the pack leaders to some of the biggest names in the underground community.

                As if T&B needed a reason to further their obsession with the undead, “Funeral at Skyland Mountain” begins with a young man admitting that he has crossed over to the other side, all while mixing in samples from the classic sci-fi TV theme, The X-Files.

                “Back to H3LL” features heavy bass hits, devilish horns, and trap drumming in what can only be explained as horror trap.

Tracks are brisk and punctuated by evil laughter – the only fitting style to open “Take me to Heaven”, a heavy metal instrumental which combines guitar shredding and those impossible high-hat hits characteristic of trap. Oh, did I mention ass loads of BASS?! But this ain’t twerk music – this is an anthem to dig your own grave to.

A rejected UVSF tagline, “When I die, fuck it, I want to go to hell!” is the orchestral battle-cry on “When I Die”.

Closing out No Future with terrifying precision, “No One Left”, brings the whole horror/trap/dubstep/metal/orchestral/sci-fi experiment to a grand crescendo.  

And there you have it – a simple five track EP introducing Strange VIP to the music world and introducing the music world to horror trap. Will The Captain continue to pave his own roads with this exciting experimental music hybrid? Either way, UVSF welcomes Strange VIP to the production game and the inevitable demons he will summon to the dance floor.

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