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Film Written and Directed by Charles Shaw Review by Jessica Sanders “The War on Drugs killed John Belushi.” Lynette Shaw was on an Angel Job – a mission to sit with an at-risk celebrity or rock star in an attempt to quell the impending nightmare of a drug overdose through the healing application of chicken […]

There are an abundance of things in the esoteric lives of Super Fiends which will eternally remain a baffling quandary. Things which seemingly have no purpose or value, things like Monogamy, Hannibal Buress, and methiopropamine (MPA) are usually met with either spontaneous acts of violence or lingering deeper questions aimed at digging to the heart […]

Trickling through the underground drug culture over the last decade, like music that sounds like freeway construction and the progressively sillier one-up-manship of fashion involving balloons and meat, this sacred alkaloid and the stigma surrounding it have become increasingly popular by way of media and pop culture. There is so much information, literature, documented experiences, […]

By Dim Dx In many instances the problem with electronic based music is the missing human element. The inability of programmed sounds to capture the all encompassing wide range of human emotion that the human touch so effortlessly can deliver. However, there are those moments when electro-compositions break through the static anomaly, the barrier that […]