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Resurrection Of The Grave  You may remember 45 Grave as the Heavy- death-metal band from the 80’s. A lot of time has passed since “Partytime” first debuted on MTV, but the distinct style of the grave has stayed put thanks to originating band member, Dinah Cancer. The band has seen some major changes in personnel […]

         The tribal tune trio returns with a follow up to their 2009, Contraption I, and last year’s breakout full length album, Elektrafone. To say Beats Antique are in a league of their own would be putting it lightly. Since their inception just 5 years ago, they have paved the way for an avalanche of […]

Let’s take a whirlwind tour of Imagine Dragon’s new album, Night Vision, out Sept 4th. The 12 track full length follows a very popular EP, giving this record a touch of sophomore-itis. Expectations are high, fortunately, Imagine Dragons do not disappoint. The pop driven band make proper use out of keys, synth, and drums to […]

The Cake Is Best On Sea   The Sea And The Cake delights the world again with their latest album Runner. Their ever-evolving sound has passed the test of time, and captured the hearts of listeners worldwide. Though The Sea And The Cake has been becoming increasingly more pop sounding, their indie roots have kept […]

By Brant Underwood If you ever get a chance to Shazam a dubstep DJ in a crowded club, pass on that – 3 out of 4 times it doesn’t work. Much like the Vegas crowd, Shazam doesn’t have a clue as to what that fucking noise being basted into its audio receptors represents.   Dressed […]

Often a way to bait old folks out of their aromatic dens and get them to splurge on $20 root beers, free summer concerts tend to suck. Imagine our surprise, then, when we heard about several upcoming free concert series’ with a decent line-up of performers this year. Check out some new acts this summer, […]

Get ready to spread some cheery joyous shit, because this month’s contest is Hedonist for the Holidays. This is how it works: Send us a photo, on facebook or the homepage, showing your season greetings in the most vulgar way possible. Bong rip with eggnog? It’s not like anyone was going to drink it anyway. […]