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All photos by PK @ COR, 9 March 2013, OC Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, California

The way they took the stage, you’d almost wonder if Beak> was trying to sneak up on us. Matt Williams sat cross-legged underneath his keys, 4 cans of Fat Tire lined up directly beside him.  A ball of nervous energy since I met him earlier that afternoon, you could tell he was teetering on the […]

Written by Mike Gamms Photos by Krista Skustad I have to admit, when I first heard that Streetlight Manifesto was playing in LA to promote their upcoming album, I was overcome with nostalgia. I flashed back to 2005, when I saw Streetlight pack the multipurpose room at the Livingston Campus Center at Rutgers University. The […]

by Ashley Berry   With a vibe that is equal parts arcade and Vegas strip club, Good Hurt, is a Venice nightclub and music venue that manages to pull off tacky chic without being garish or over the top.  As the name suggests, the decor of this dive plays on a theme of pleasure and […]