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Few electronic artists come with a pedigree on par with William Bevan’s.  In an era where genres – particularly ones led by the word “dub” – are regurgitated into the eager mouths of spunions across the globe, Bevan has blazed a path both mesmerizing and inimitable.  The man known as “Burial” emerged in 2006, promptly […]

Let’s take a whirlwind tour of Imagine Dragon’s new album, Night Vision, out Sept 4th. The 12 track full length follows a very popular EP, giving this record a touch of sophomore-itis. Expectations are high, fortunately, Imagine Dragons do not disappoint. The pop driven band make proper use out of keys, synth, and drums to […]

Sanctuarium From Reality   Sanctuarium is the first EP released by the duo known as Sacred Caves. It is a 4 track EP that is enchanting as well as amazing in it’s ability to make you feel like everything is okay. A little assurance that even though life isn’t the best, you can always enjoy […]