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Azad begins with an old man sitting in a bathtub, a young man, his grandson, by his side for him for whatever he needs. It is an image that transcends familiar bonds. The youth looking at his culture’s past, the elder at his younger self, remembering all he had to overcome in order to grow […]

Do you long for an era where The Cure is still culturally relevant? Where black lipstick never goes out of style, mascara is worn religiously, and opaque finger nail polish is posh again? In a land where electro-pop falls in love with 80s darkwave, the distorted electronica created by the Aussie duo known as Wazu […]

By Kale Knox In one of the concave portions of Hollywood and Cahuenga Boulevard, where the streets reach that fork which turns from the puddles of homeless piss into scientology lemonade stands, my party and I find ourselves at the old Vogue theater, presently taking on the reception of red carpet splendor that is Supperclub. […]

Resurrection Of The Grave  You may remember 45 Grave as the Heavy- death-metal band from the 80’s. A lot of time has passed since “Partytime” first debuted on MTV, but the distinct style of the grave has stayed put thanks to originating band member, Dinah Cancer. The band has seen some major changes in personnel […]

As the night descended on this small ,quaint town that is San Francisco, the fog and the cold wind began to set in as the line for the ball began to form just outside the Cow Palace.  Upon entering the main stage auditorium, the music that was pumping through the speakers was felt in your […]

         The tribal tune trio returns with a follow up to their 2009, Contraption I, and last year’s breakout full length album, Elektrafone. To say Beats Antique are in a league of their own would be putting it lightly. Since their inception just 5 years ago, they have paved the way for an avalanche of […]

Let’s take a whirlwind tour of Imagine Dragon’s new album, Night Vision, out Sept 4th. The 12 track full length follows a very popular EP, giving this record a touch of sophomore-itis. Expectations are high, fortunately, Imagine Dragons do not disappoint. The pop driven band make proper use out of keys, synth, and drums to […]

A New Familiar Song   Driving down the road on my way to work, I start switching stations trying to find something to listen to. A classic rock station comes in and “Stairway to Heaven” is playing and I am satisfied, because it is old and familiar (in addition to being a damn good song). […]

By Brant Underwood If you ever get a chance to Shazam a dubstep DJ in a crowded club, pass on that – 3 out of 4 times it doesn’t work. Much like the Vegas crowd, Shazam doesn’t have a clue as to what that fucking noise being basted into its audio receptors represents.   Dressed […]

Sanctuarium From Reality   Sanctuarium is the first EP released by the duo known as Sacred Caves. It is a 4 track EP that is enchanting as well as amazing in it’s ability to make you feel like everything is okay. A little assurance that even though life isn’t the best, you can always enjoy […]