Takedown Piracy’s Nate Glass Featured on CNBC Between Airings of “American Greed”

Posted: January 31, 2012 by Esteban in Featured Fuck, Shit Sucks News

Piracy is a huge hot button topic in today’s media. The internet blackout last week in support of web freedom had everyone scrambling to pick up real encyclopedias and girlie magazines. Whether you are a passive pirate, hardcore cyber punk, or intelligent property martyr, there is a war a’brwein’ and it’s high time you pick a side. As for us? We play more of a commentator role on the issues.   

Takedown Piracy owner Nate Glass is featured on CNBC.com.  The highly trafficked news site exposes millions of readers to Glass’ fight against digital content theft.  The Takedown Piracy owner’s regular media appearances and popular monthly column for AVN Media have made him one of the most trusted spokesmen on anti-piracy for the mainstream and adult entertainment industries.

Each month, Nate Glass educates readers of AVN Magazine and AVN.com with insightful business news regarding digital content protection for the adult industry to absorb and learn from.  Through humor and accessible rhetoric, Glass explores issues every owner of digital content should know.  To read Glass’ most recent article, visit http://www.thedigitaleditiononline.com/publication/?i=93457&p=54.

With consumers becoming better educated on the harms of piracy, Glass created the Takedown Piracy Tips Page, so people can help make a difference.  Millions of additional eyes provide Takedown Piracy with an army seeking out illegal downloads on torrent, tube and cyberlocker sites.  Users are asked to report the copyright owner and a link to the infringement.  To report a copyright violation using Takedown Piracy’s tip page, visit http://takedownpiracy.com/tips/.

Takedown Piracy actively tracks at least nine different ways content may be pirated, providing widespread coverage.  Takedown Piracy’s army of servers offer protection in the following areas: Cyberlocker sites like Rapidshare, Torrent sites, Tube sites, Auctioned or unauthorized DVD resellers, Search Engines, Image Hosts, Blogs, Forums, Social Media.

To view a statistical breakdown of infringements removed by Takedown Piracy, visit http://takedownpiracy.com/stats/.

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