The AVN Interviews – Girlfriends, Drug Dealers, & Pirates

Posted: January 31, 2012 by Esteban in Featured Fuck

The AVNs were a trip and a half. The drive from LA to LV isn’t so bad as long as you’re able to dabble into your weekend stash, but the climate change is always a bitch. As my ears pop, lips dry up, and I begin to sweat more than Joe Paterno in a Chuck-E-Cheez (too soon?), I am glad for two things: 1. I am not driving and 2. I am not sober.

To be perfectly honest, we almost didn’t make it to the AVNs. It was only days before that we had secured an off the strip lodging at a friend’s house, who graciously provided a turn down service for the couch that we slept on and a continental breakfast consisting of a handful of pills. You don’t get that kind of service at Bellagio, and when you ask for it, they will throw you out on your ass, regardless of how much you try to bribe them. Kids, don’t do drugs.

Each day, we would trek over to Hard Rock Casino and hassle porn stars. We met some wonderfully outrageous characters, some very, very friendly ladies, and got to see what porn addicts look like for the 3 days of the year that they manage to pry themselves from their computer chairs and venture out into public. While I still can’t erase those pale, insipid faces from my mind, I was able to chat up loads of adult film superstars and also found out that I have a thing for girls with tattoos. Still, we apologies for our amateur buffoonery and antics, but we try to stick to our strengths. Enjoy.

Girlfriends Owner Dan
The head hancho at the #1 lesbian film company, Girlfriends, sits down for an extensive discussion about the intricacies of girl on girl. Big pimpin’.

Debatably the hottest adult film starlet, Princezz, talks to us about her latest lesbian fuck flicks.

Dr. Pinks
An interview about their anal brightening product turns into Esteban flirting with the booth girl. What does a bleached asshole look like – or taste like, anyway?

Red Dawn Assistant CEO, Catrina
Doug really just wanted some free samples, but this chic turned out to be cool as hell. Red Dawn carries some legit products for when your dealer doesn’t answer his phone for days at a time. Stay turned for product reviews of all the high end herbal delights and delicacies.

Fat Captain Sparrow Cannon
Man, I don’t even know…

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