The Sea and The Cake – Runner [Review & Download]

Posted: August 14, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music
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The Cake Is Best On Sea


The Sea And The Cake delights the world again with their latest album Runner. Their ever-evolving sound has passed the test of time, and captured the hearts of listeners worldwide. Though The Sea And The Cake has been becoming increasingly more pop sounding, their indie roots have kept them relevant for the past 20 years. Runner sits atop the mountain of albums and EP’s that have been delivered by this awe-inspiring band.


The bass lines are one-of-a-kind and upbeat coming from Eric Claridge. He plays perfectly alongside the drummer, John McEntire, who really drives the song with his remarkable ability to be engaging and fluent. The guitar playing by both Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt is harmonious and inventive, being the central focus behind this album. Prekop delivers a very developed voice that seems to ring out long after the album play is over; similar to that of Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie.

“Harps” is the name of the first single off of Runner and it is absolutely brilliant. The way the hi-hat is played is intricate but still very direct. The mesmerizing guitar playing could put a person in a trance if they aren’t careful. This track is followed up by “A Mere”, which is clever but subtle. Definitely driven by the bass, which creates a groovy feel, where the rest of the song head in a more laid-back feeling.


“New Patterns” begins with a basic rhythm, but becomes a surprise as the guitar playing starts. It intro’s right into a solo that seems to be falling apart only to recover. Much like Marty McFly before his parents kiss at the enchantment under the sea dance. The song then shifts gears and goes directly into a relaxing, beach-cruising track. These sorts of surprises are not synonymous with The Sea And The Cake however; they have been known to shift gears within the same song throughout their careers.


Runner is the first must-have album of the fall of 2012. The Sea and The Cake appeal to a vast variety of music followers, especially with the indie-pop followers on the pacific coast. This ability to petition to the indie music crowd in general regardless of genre or style is unprecedented. Runner will be yet another success for this talented quartet. Don’t miss out, and check this album out ASAP (which happens to drop September 18th).


-Butch Cassidy


Download The Sea and The Cake’s “Harps” here!

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