By Esteban

Jesus, it’s March already?  Why am I still feeling obligated to arbitrarily text that girl I met on NYE?  Is this what love is?  Bullshit.  March is the time to knock off those silly games and get focused.  You may be asking yourself what resides in March that wasn’t relevant in the previous two months.  St. Pattys? Office brackets? The inevitable death of that “Harlem Shake” nonsense? Three little words, amigo.


While your letting that sink in, recall there are a few high profile releases this month as well.   We’ve got indie darlings Youth Lagoon, The Men, Rhye and Wavves.  We’ve got stadium stalwarts The Strokes and Justin Timberlake.  Shit, we’ve got motherfucking Agent Phillip Jeffries himself — David Bowie.  And if that all sounds a bit too high profile, you can count on our rolodex of all-star publicists providing us with jaw-droppingly creative releases from artists you’re less familiar with.  Normally, we’d be happy to hook you up with all of those gems, but I’ll be at Senor Tadpoles having a margarita made in my mouth, so I don’t know….try Rolling Stone or something.

Locust : “Strobes”

How about a glorious electronic throwback from two of the more accomplished producers on the planet to kick things off?  Mark Van Hoen and Louis Sherman have joined forces, and the result is gorgeous, yet somehow abrasive industrial music.  “Strobes” sounds downright scary to me, and that’s a result of some choice decisions behind the mixing boards.  Live drums that sound like they’re being played with tree trunks, synth oscillation that rattles underneath your feet, and a haunting pop vocal sample that hovers above all of that, haunting your headphones.

From what I’m reading, this is one of several avenues they’re exploring on their upcoming full-length Be Safe Forever.  Apparently it’s even going to wander into the dance realm.  Well, I know what I’ll be doing the night of April 16th.

Be Safe Forever is out April 16th on Editions Mego