VHS or Beta and Conquistador Live at The Roxy

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Esteban in Loud Music

VHS or Beta

All photos by PK @ www.pk-images.com

A primed Roxy audience greeted VHS or Beta as they launched into their set.  With deep synth, slicing guitar, moody lyrics and a serious rock vibe the band rocketed through its songs as the crowd cheered and danced.  Executing the set list with precision, poise and intensity the night seemed to fly by, leading the singer to think there was only one song remaining at one point.  But no!  There were many songs left and the crowd embraced them all.


Conquistador opened the night with a saucy stage presence and one of the best frontman outfits to date.  Horns two feet high reached off the singer’s hat as he told the audience a story of receiving his pants as a gift from David Lee Roth’s personal security guard.  The pants were hot!  Oh, by the way, the music rocked too.

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