Virtual Reality – WanksVR Announces Latest Release, “Harley’s Fun House”

Posted: September 5, 2016 by Quintin Goynes in Film Freaks, Preview, Theater Thriller
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The New Adult Virtual Reality Craze Hits Your Visuals Featuring Aidra Fox

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According to sources (Stephen Yagielowicz), WankzVR’s Jack T. announces the premiere of the comic book movie “Suicide Squad” for pornography enthusiasts. The adventures of the lustful delight Harley Quinn are out, into play, with a darker side. “Harley’s Fun House” is a twisted VR porn parody for the senses: WanksVR lead editor, ‘You start off blindfolded with material you can barely see through and can only hear Harley whispering in your ears and walking around you in her heels for the first two minutes.’ The idea is to efficiently over-stimulate the auditory senses of the viewer instantly, in order disorient your psyche to point of sensual confusion. Furthermore, TeeKay insinuates that Aidra [Fox] prepares to take the viewer for the ride of their life… ‘It’s both sexy and terrifying at the same time. We’ve never done anything like it before.’ – the VR user finds himself being tied up; mask over their face; and Harley Quinn takes swings at the viewer’s face with her baseball bat.



Aidra Fox is Harley Quinn, one of the major characters in this superhero/super-villain adult film based on comic book fantasy. Aidra was set to act out as the deranged supervillain in her WanksVR “Suicide Squad” debut. Jack T. claims his pornstar casting is stacked with great choices and proclaims his ‘Harley Quinn’ is played effectively ‘enough’ by Aidra who he says ‘kills it’ by successfully appearing as a cute and crazy Harley – with a Brooklyn accent – dressed in an extremely sexy outfit to excite viewers longing for the VR experience featuring the signature flair of adult video.


Harley’s Fun House займ взять без процентов на месяц

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