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Posted: June 13, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music

The Wazu Difference


The White Stripes don’t have shit on Wazu, at least when it comes to good male-female duos. Though cut from a different cloth, Wazu’s originality and poise places them atop the newcomers of this year. Finding middle ground between the boogie of Duran Duran and the deep, eerie sound of Nine Inch Nails. Truly set apart as one of the hottest new groups around, Wazu drops an EP certain to make fans demand a full-length album.

“Murder 1” is the first song on the self-titled EP and it is in your face like pimples on a teen. Starts loud, stay loud, and definitely ends loud. Wazu wastes no time establishing who they are as an Electro-Rock group with an emphasis on heavy guitar riffs. The track is simple during the chorus but intense throughout leaving an eerie feel.


“Happy Endings” does a great job of retracting the eeriness and establishes a more complex feel. Mixing great lyrics that are a bit dark with the enlightening instrumentals creates an atmosphere for every mood. Convoluted percussion beats are almost hypnotizing, and keep the listener glued to the headphones.

“Walk All Night” finishes up the EP in Synth City. The track doesn’t involve a lot of lyrics, which allows for more personal interpretations. Instrumentally the Brooklyn-based duo creates a dance song for 80’s enthusiasts and a pleasant track for everybody else.


Nothing but excitement can follow after listening to a strong EP like Wazu has concocted. The sky is the limit for this group, and they prove it with every track. Grab a copy of this EP and be ready to drop that jaw.


-Butch Cassidy

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