Webmaster Plans to Bring Webcams Back – Competitive Advantage

Posted: July 19, 2016 by Quintin Goynes in Preview, Shit Sucks News, WTF
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Webmaster Central Announces VR Webcam – Customers Return for the Incentive

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The ‘true’ VR experience – from Webmaster includes custom features representing majestical ways to entertain viewers. Before, camming was a simpler with props built from your own ideas and hard work. With the Webmaster design, VR Webcamming includes built-in features using the known plug-and-play technology (makes for an easy setup. Furthermore, the stream true live stereoscope 3D straight browser is enabled with the VR Player (AVN.com). Another example: Webmaster Central features the VR experience with supplying the 3D backdrops to give their customers options to notice fancy virtual scenes (e.g., a store, exotic and scent-filled outdoor environment, or a spooky and sexy underground cave.

“With these cameras and our player software, cam networks can offer ‘live VR shows’ … at a premium. Customers will feel like they are in the same room as the webcam performer … a competitive advantage for the marketing team,” says Andy A, CEO-Webmaster Central.

Isabem Alzate

Isabem Alzate

According to sources (in brief), the idea is to take advantage of VR camming tools that continue to enhance the experience of client and their customers. The technology seems fun and contains prospective performance levels to improve interest in camming again. Promote your sensual prose and feed souls while expecting to gain over-and-over.

Website: Webmastercentral.com/vr
Contact: sales@webmastercentral.com взять кредитную карту

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