Welcome, Fiends!

Posted: August 26, 2011 by Esteban in WTF

If you’ve ever felt like you have had a dirty secret you’ve been keeping form the world, you are not alone. Dedicated to everything you don’t want your mom to know about, Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend is a publication drenched in profligacy. Covering all of your favorite hedonistic features like the latest trends in the bedroom, the fine art of recreational drug use, and of course, the hottest in premiere music, events, fashions, and venues around the city. This semi-socially aware, pop culture driven series of fucked up literary artwork is filled to the brim with street wise goodies by artists and musical talent you need to know to be in the know.

With the forthcoming premiere issue we highlight the hottest contemporary big names as well as talented  artists you’ve never heard of. Stay tuned for a sneak peek inside the devious minds behind the fiends.

While we are building this site in preparation for the launch and publication of UVSF, feel free to check out and contribute to our facebook page and follow us on Twitter @UVulgarSFiend !

It won’t be much longer until the fiends march across Los Angeles in a revolution of art, music, love, and hate!

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