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Posted: July 13, 2012 by Rob Furlong in Loud Music
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Positive Feedback Is All You Get


Originating in Portland, Oregon, where grunge music has deep roots, White fang brings a poppy grunge experience to the indie music scene. Positive Feedback is their new EP that boasts a 14-track list, which would be gigantic, had the songs been longer than a minute and 44 seconds on average. True to their style, they accomplish a low quality recording that sounds as if it is coming off an old tape deck.

This Lo-Fi sound has become almost a trademark for White Fang, and those that have followed the band will be happy to hear a familiar tone. Those new to the White Fang experience may need to adapt their ears for an entertaining and convivial time. Instrumentally Positive Feedback may not amaze you, but creatively it will take you out of this Universe. It’s almost as if a band from the 90’s used The DeLorean to go record in the 50’s and then to be delivered in 2012.


The short songs are refreshing when it seems like songs are becoming drawn out longer than they should in modern music. No point in writing more music, or repeating with another verse when you can get your point across in a much shorter fashion. This gives White Fang the freedom to explore in different genres without becoming classified to any of them.  In all reality, these tracks are perfect in length for an EP that has a lot to offer indie music fans everywhere.


“Song for Aleco” is one of the strongest tracks on the album. Uncharacteristically of White Fang, the drums seem to be held at a minimum to allow the guitar playing to be highlighted. This creates a nostalgic feeling of childhood memories that is necessary to hear from time to time. “Spaced Out” also successfully keeps us on our toes, by being primarily driven by the bass. The bass playing is smooth and relaxing, and the song is best described as Soothing.


Positive Feedback accomplishes everything an EP designed to do. It catapults White Fang onto the list of future full-Length albums to look for, while also showcasing the diversity of the band. This EP is a must have.


-Butch Cassidy

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    Positive Feedback is an album

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