XO Expo and Ball in San Francisco

Posted: September 24, 2012 by Quintin Goynes in Events - On the Town, Featured Fuck
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As the night descended on this small ,quaint town that is San Francisco, the fog and the cold wind began to set in as the line for the ball began to form just outside the Cow Palace.  Upon entering the main stage auditorium, the music that was pumping through the speakers was felt in your chest.

Welcoming the party goers, the main thought that the MC conveyed was the mantra, “express yourself’”.

Upon walking around the different sections, the expo room offered vendors a chance to expose their product or service to the attendees of the XO ball.  Items or services such as: masks, pleasure passion parties, tattoos and an erotic color book.

As the night commenced, the super heroes, pirates, Mardi Gras masked attendees and all other costumed individuals participated in the ‘Freedom of Expression’ parade.  Participants walked down the catwalk encouraging the crowd to cheer for the best dressed and to crown a King and Queen of the ball.

In roam around the ball, there were micro cells of amorous activity that drew the attention of onlookers.  From heavy petting to acts of S&M to just standing around in their birthday suit, the patrons didn’t seem to hold anything back.

Among the performers on the main stage, was a burlesque group named, Devil’s Playground.  They portrayed Sci-Fi characters from the Star Wars saga and the Star Trek series and pitted them in a battle royal of wet wrestling.  Each of the characters made their way (stripping, of course) toward the small inflatable pool on the stage.  The splishing and splashing of girl on girl liquid wrestling in sexy sci-fi characters seemed to captivate the crowd.  Everyone who witnessed this event was wet in one way or another.

What originally started out as a raffle for high priced items soon turned into a very memorable experience as all eyes were now drawn to the main stage.  Bringing this give away to a whole new level, the MC requested that the ladies, “Show me your titties!!”  As participants from the front row voluntarily began showing off their physical attributes.  Pushing the envelope even further and for the next give away, the MC requested that the ladies, “Show me your pussy!!”  Chosen participants from the crowd were brought onstage to voluntarily strip and spread their legs.  The crowd became a sea of digital capture devices as the giveaway recipients danced on stage.

Closing out the night was rap artist Too Short.  As this Bay Area local took the stage, the crowd was whipped into a frenzy as Too Short began to perform song after recognizable club/hip hop song.

The overall feeling from the attendees was that was an enjoyable event.  This was an atmosphere that you could let loose without the fear of judgment or ridicule.  The attendees seemed to embrace this event.  Hoping to make this an annual event.

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